Paris Hilton’s 30th B-Day present: Lexus LFA!!!

It has been revealed that Paris Hilton (who officially turns 30 tomorrow, February 17, 2011) has been given the coveted Lexus supercar, the LFA as a present for hitting the big three 3-0. The present was given to her by Las Vegas businessman and former club operations head at the Wynn & Encore properties, Cy Waits.  It is reported that Cy surprised Paris by having the LFA delivered to her driveway. As soon as Paris spotted the car, she did a quick walk around of the 552 HP 4.8L V10 beast while cameras rolled for her new reality show. It’s was inevitable that a celebrity would take ownership of an LFA as the first few have arrived just a few weeks ago on United States soil. Now it’s official, Paris Hilton is the first celebrity in the world to take delivery of the Lexus LFA! Happy Birthday and congratulations to Paris!

It also looks like Lexus Magazine was onsite to witness this. Here’s a pic posted from their twitter account, yesterday in Paris’ driveway. Note Paris’ pink Bentley in the background.

Source: DailyMail


8 thoughts on “Paris Hilton’s 30th B-Day present: Lexus LFA!!!

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  3. Shame on you Lexus/Toyota for giving Paris Hilton a LFA for her birthday. She is an ungrateful bitch. I hope she gets cancer instead

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  5. Its truely a sad day in Sports Car history. Lets bow our heads in silence right now because I know sooner or later that dumb broad is gonna wreck that work of art. She already screwed up porn for everyone… now cars? :/

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