Orange LFA debuts in Detroit and Wolfgang Puck!

On the eve of the 2011 North American Int’l Auto Show, “The Gallery” is a showcase of the hottest exotic and super cars on the market. Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche and etc. are just a few of the manufacturers that show face to this exclusive cocktail party. Last year, the Lexus LFA made its inaugural visit to the MGM Grand Detroit’s ballroom as a stealthy Flat Black machine. Last night, the Lexus LFA came back into town in a stunning Orange. It has been said that the Orange on this LFA is the same Orange that will be available on the limited edition LFA Nürburgring Package.

We reported to just a few days ago that the Orange LFA was on its way to Motown. I’m pleased to announce that the Orange LFA is safe and sound in chilly Detroit. Considering this party is one of the highlights to the Detroit Auto Show opening week, chef extraordinaire Wolfgang Puck is responsible for catering this soiree. After working hard in his kitchen at his signature line restaurant at the MGM Grand Detroit, Wolfgang made his rounds rubbing elbows with the guests while checking out the hot rides in The Gallery. Wolfgang was passing by and actually stopped to check out and sit in the Orange LFA. We don’t know if he has an interest or is in the market to buy an LFA, but he looks pretty good in one if you ask me!

(Please excuse the dark camera phone photo. Better ones will be posted soon!)


2 thoughts on “Orange LFA debuts in Detroit and Wolfgang Puck!

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