VIDEO: The first all-motor IS F to break the 11’s!

There’s a lot of pride in owning an car with a V8. It’s about the sound, the feel and most importantly the speed. The Lexus IS F is the first bona fide Lexus that meets this criteria. The heart of the beast is a 5.0L V8 pumping out 416 hp to the rear wheels. Now who wouldn’t like that? For Club Lexus member “Caymandive”, he couldn’t leave well enough alone. The goal is to break the 11 second quarter mark in his sleeper Ultrasonic Blue IS F, without the use of boost. Well just a few days ago, he did it. He ran the quarter at 11.914@120.58 beating out a Mustang. Now how do you like that?  The secret to his success are a Joe Z/Performance Tube Systems “True Dual” exhaust, SIKKY headers, IS350 Rear wheels with MT Street ET’s and a good driver. Caymandive did it with his IS F. Congratulations! Check out his run below.

60′: 1.868
1/8: 7.773@93.81 mph
1/4: 11.914@120.58 mph

Club Lexus: My Lexus IS-F now in the 11’s (All Motor)!!! -caymandive



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