5-8-10 Starfire F Day @ Toyotafest 2010


Last saturday was the 15th Annual All Toyotafest in Long Beach, CA. This year’s Toyotafest was special as Lexus brought out the once Flat Black LFA (now repainted Starfire) to the show. Along with the LFA, several SEMA project cars from 07, 08 and 09 were on display. I got a chance to shoot some pics of my ISF with HyperMKIV’s ISF, VIP Auto Salon’s first project ISF and of course the LFA. It was a great Saturday in sunny SoCal!

I finally added some new mods to my car. It doesn’t look obvious but I have just installed Eibach Pro Kit with Tokico’s latest shock offering for the ISF, the Tokico HTS dampers. The dampening is fully adjustable from a range of really soft to stiffer than stock. I will elaborate more on this in the next few weeks as I try out the suspension on different settings.


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